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Prevent unauthorized access to your PC by locking it with a strong password which is hard to break

Security is the prime area of concern for any PC user who has a large amount of confidential data to work with on a daily basis. Even for the average home user who does online banking frequently, being secure is a must. One of the easiest ways to secure your PC and your online account is by having a strong password which needs to be changed once in a few months. Random Number Generator is a very useful piece of software that can help PC users to create secure passwords using numbers that are generated on a random basis.
It is up to the user to specify the exact length of the numeric characters that needs to be present in the random number. For example, if a user specifies a minimum limit and a maximum limit, then Random Number Generator will display all the conceivable choices between the two limits in only a couple of seconds. It is not necessary that the user specify only positive integer numbers. Random Number Generator can even generate numbers in floating point format, negative integers and hexadecimal format. Hence, the possibilities are endless when you use Random Number Generator. The random numbers that have been generated can be easily exported to Excel, notepad, HTML and XML files by the user so that they can be used as a reference in the future. There is also a separate statistics module which the users can use to evaluate the randomness of the numbers that have been generated.
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